I want to work with you!

2 Oct


A wise woman used to tell me “nothing is ever about nothing.” And she’s right.

Being heavy usually isn’t just about loving food. (It can be) but most of the time the roots go much deeper. Not being able to keep weight off isn’t always just about will power. And losing weight isn’t going to make you love yourself more if you have an intense self-hatred you never deal with. There are reasons we struggle in these bodies of ours and sometimes it’s just the body, but sometimes it’s much more. I want to help my clients get to true health. No, I’m not a therapist but I am a life coach. And while I’m kicking butt with a workout, I won’t ignore the other factors impeding our success.

This is a process. As the client you need a trainer you can trust. One who cheers for you with more enthusiasm than your mom at your 3rd grade play. A trainer who is patient with your struggles and knows you’re beyond them already. I am that trainer.

I call this “Truly Personal Training” because I know every single person is different and every single body is too. What works for a billion other people may not work for you. And that’s okay. Because something will!  I’m willing to help you search that out.

I’m now taking new clients for both Personal Training and Life Coaching. I have limited studio spaces open and ample in home opportunities for you. Please don’t hesitate to contact me at april.hauck@yahoo.com or 503-713-7751


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